Tactical Crime Supression Unit (TCSU)

TCSU includes the member city police agencies and its primary function is to work collaboratively on regional investigations involving the sharing of personnel, equipment, intelligence and training in order to benefit area wide law enforcement initiatives.

TCSU has its own Executive Director who reports to the police chiefs of the eight member jurisdictions, and is primarily staffed with detectives appointed from the member agencies.

TCSU also oversees the use of specialized equipment purchased cooperatively that would otherwise be unavailable to departments because of the expense. Two recent examples include the purchase of a 3D Scanner for use at serious crime scenes, and an armored rescue vehicle used primarily to serve high-risk search warrants.

Alliance of Public Service Officials (APSO)

This committee is comprised of the public works directors and engineering officials of the member communities. Meeting approximately six times per year, this group focuses on issues and challenges associated with the diverse and myriad of services provided through these departments.

Municipal Training Academy (MTA)

MVCC has a part-time training coordinator who works closely with the human resource professionals from our member and affiliate communities in developing and implementing customized training programs designed to enhance the skill levels of employees and elected officials alike. While some of the training is provided free of charge, most program fees are significantly less than market rates. Jodi Martin is the MTA Director she can be reached at or by phone at 937-424-1663

The Government Technology Committee (GovTech)

This committee includes the city managers from the eight member cities and meets monthly. The primary purpose of GOVTECH is to explore ways in which their respective communities can pool resources and enter into cooperative ventures to serve their citizens more efficiently and cost effectively. GOVTECH makes recommendations to the MVCC Board on intergovernmental activities and issues, technology, and other matters of administrative policies and functions.

The GOVTECH Committee is responsible for overseeing the operations of Tactical Crime Suppression Unit (TCSU), and the job performance of MVCC's Executive Director.

The GOVTECH Committee has won national wards for applying new technology to municipal government operations and most recently, was the driving force behind the development of a regional fiber optic network that connects seven of the eight member jurisdictions allowing them to easily share and utilize data. This project received a 'Smart 50 Award' and was recognized for its transformative and innovative approach in creating the foundation necessary to encourage and undertake smart city initiatives.

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