July 11, 2023

The MVCC Podcaster Newsletter: July 2023

Whether you’re looking to launch a podcast show or develop your series for a television audience, MVCC is the place to be. On to the news!

Podcast Series Updates at MVCC
☐ MVCC now has 12 podcast series cablecasting across the access channels, with a few others in pre-production. What amazing progress in just 20 months since the podcast center installation! There have also been 10 podcast classes at the halfway point of 2023 so far. We’ve had 32 podcasters certified since the Open House in May of 2022.
☐ Our Medicare Minute, Pineview Gems: Conversations with the Greatest Americans, Miami Valley Salute to Veterans, and This is Everything Hockey are all new to the channels since April.
☐ Podcasting continues to grow across America – there are about 120 million listeners in the U.S. according to 2022 data.

Ask for Likes and Reviews
☐ Consider adding a call to action for your show. You can encourage listeners to follow your Facebook page, or rate and review on their listening app.
☐ Over 70% of people will leave feedback if asked (source: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey). Give them a reason to write too, to increase response rate. And thank them in advance!

Tech tips for your podcast
☐ Anchor FM is now Spotify for Broadcasters, and their Resources tab on the main page has a lot of excellent training information. Spotify for Podcasters — Learn
☐ Why is it important to give your show a clear and engaging name and topic description? 80% of listeners will listen to all or most of the episode that they start.
☐ Further demonstrate your experience in your show’s content by planning ahead. Ask for questions on social media, and then answer them on pre-determined intervals of your podcast.
☐ Need some options for a podcast segment? Buzzsprout recently published a story with 20 unique podcast segment ideas: 20 Unique Podcast Segment Ideas (with Examples) (buzzsprout.com)

Should you number your podcast?
☐ While it’s fine to have the show number in your series titles, it can benefit your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to leave them out. Especially if character space for the episode label is limited!

2023 Podcast data
☐ Podnews.net is reporting this app data: in January 2023, Spotify led with 33.7% of the U.S Podcast Audience to Apple’s 27.6%, while Apple Podcasts represent 70.8% of all downloads. Podtrac data: total audience and download shares for Jan 2023 (podnews.net)

Portable Podcast Kit?
☐ Here’s a question we’re gathering feedback on: Is there interest in a portable podcast system? It would likely take a bit more to set up than the ready to go system currently in the studio. What do you think? Let me know at ten.ccvm@zaidr.

Talk to us, Talk about us!
☐ How can we improve your podcasting experience? Give us your suggestions on equipment, learning, the recording space, anything! MVCC is only in year two of podcasting, so help us grow. And as always, our sincere thanks for creating media that matters.
☐ Finally, we can really use more local voices on the community and educational access channels. If you know content creators, YouTubers, non-profit organizations, community groups, or future podcasters, please encourage them to have a conversation with us.

Interested in becoming a podcast producer?
☐ Consider taking the free 1-hour podcast workshop! For morning and afternoon hours, call Richard or Liberty at 937-438-8887 or email us at ten.ccvm@reetnulov. For evening times, check out the schedule at www.MVCCclasses.com.
☐ Recording studio and cable channel time is free and available upon completion of the podcast workshop.


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