August 26, 2022

Take a Workshop this Fall

5 Reasons to Take a Workshop This Fall at MVCC

There are just three months left to register for all-new workshops on making videos and podcasts.

FALL is almost here, and as the year ticks by, the opportunities for taking the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC) 2022 workshops are almost gone. Want to learn how to create a podcast – and have free use of that equipment to make a show? How about using a virtual television studio or checking out a camera for an interview? There’s a workshop for that! Here then, are five reasons to consider registering for a workshop in the next three months:

FAST. The new MVCC classes are designed to be short evening classes that take only one session or two back-to-back sessions. That means in just 1-4 hours you can be certified to use for free the television or podcasting equipment you have learned.

FUN. We provide hands-on instruction for practically all ages, so that you or your family can make television that interests you. All the learning with none of the homework!

FILM. If you have a story to tell or ideas to share with the community, now is the time to get started producing! The equipment is free to use at MVCC, and we will broadcast your work on MVCC’s community channel (some content restrictions and guidelines apply).

FIVE. While most workshops are $10 to register, classes in September, October, and November are just $5. To get this reduced rate, download a copy of this coupon or take a photo and bring it to the workshop. Easy!

FREE. MVCC actually offers all these television classes at no cost for current students or those enrolled within the past two years. This includes students in middle school, high school, and higher education learning.

Go to to learn more and to register. Curious if creating television is for you? Try the free orientation class!

For questions or more information, contact Liberty Lord at ten.ccvm@droll or (937) 438-8887, or send email to ten.ccvm@reetnulov.

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