February 7, 2024

Social Security and You

Prepare For Retirement with Social Security & You
Four new programs on Medicare A/B, Replacement Social Security Cards, SSI/SSDI, and Retirement Essentials

Are you planning to retire soon, or unsure how Medicare A and B may work with existing health care plans? Do you know how to replace a social security card for you or a child, and how to manage your benefits? These answers – and many more – can be found in the newest episodes of Social Security & You, now in its 17th season.

Join Theresa Busher, the Social Security Public Affairs Specialist for Central/Southern Ohio, as she guides viewers through important updates and essential information to help you with retirement decisions for 2024 and beyond.

Retirement: What You Need to Know covers qualifying for retirement benefits and how benefits are calculated.

Disability 101 provides resources for SSI and SSDI, benefit determinations and the appeal process.

Social Security Cards reviews online transactions with Social Security, retirement calculators, cost of living adjustments and replacing Social Security cards.

2024 Medicare A/B Enrollment Essentials discusses eligibility, Medicare A and B benefits, when to enroll and special enrollment periods.
These programs and many more can be found on MVCC’s YouTube channel and at www.mvcc.tv

Visit www.socialsecurity.gov for more information.

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