Public Records Policy


The Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC) maintains many records pertaining to the administration and operation of the Miami Valley Communications Council. So to ensure that all members of the public have access to those records as required by Ohio law, the governing council has adopted a Public Records Policy. This policy explains the process by which a person may inspect and obtain copies of those records maintained by MVCC which are not exempt from disclosure by Ohio law.


The Business/Accounting Supervisor is the official Public Records Custodian of all records which are centrally maintained by MVCC. All public records requests must be directed to the Business/Accounting Supervisor.


A. Availability of Records for Inspection

All public records, unless exempted by law, shall be promptly prepared and made available for inspection to any person during regular business hours which are typically 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Monday through Friday. The time for compliance with a request will depend upon the availability of requested records, how they are kept, the volume of records requested and, if necessary, time for legal review.

B. Methods of Request

A request to inspect public records may be made verbally or in writing. The Public Records Custodian may not limit or condition the availability of public records by requiring disclosure of the requester's identity or the intended use of the requested public records. However, the Public Records Custodian may ask a requester to request in writing, may ask for the requester's identity and the intended use of the information requested but may do so only after disclosing to the requester that a written request is not mandatory. The requester may decline to reveal their identity or intended use.

If the requester makes an ambiguous or overly broad request or has difficulty requesting copies or inspection resulting in not being able to identify the records being requested, the Public Records Custodian will inform the requester that the public records request is denied, but shall provide the requester with an opportunity to revise the request.


A. Availability of Copies for Public Records

A person requesting public records may ask for copies of those records. Requested copies will be produced within a reasonable period of time.

Public records will only be copies by Public Records Custodian or other authorized persons. Under no circumstances will the requester be permitted to make the copies of any public records.

B. Transmitting Copies of Public Records

The requester may ask that copies of public records be transmitted by U.S. Mail or by other means of delivery or transmission within a reasonable period of time; email, or CD.

C. Cost of Copies and Delivery

Copies being printed will be made for $0.05 per page. If an outside copying service is used, the requester will be required to pay the cost of the entire copying job, as billed by the copying service. If pubic records are requested to be placed on a CD, the requester will be assessed the cost of the CD, plus the cost of creating the electronic copies.

The requester shall also pay, in advance, the cost of postage or delivery if the copies are transmitted by other than U.S. Mail and to pay, in advance, the cost incurred for other supplies used in mailing, delivery, or transmitting the copies. Payment for public records requests must be made before the actual copying of the records.


Under certain circumstances, records may not be within the definition of a "public record" or may be exempt from copying under Ohio law. In these situations, the public record request will be denied. The Ohio Revised Code requires that any request denied, an explanation shall be given including legal authority as to why the request was denied. A denial of a written request shall be given in writing. Written reasons for denial will not be given for verbal public records requests.


A copy of MVCC's current Records Retention Schedule is available for inspection at MVCC, 1195 East Alex-Bell Road, Centerville, OH.


The provisions of this Public Records Request Policy are governed by Section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code, the provisions of which shall govern the inspection and copying of public records maintained by MVCC. If there is any conflict between this policy and the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code shall control.

Public Records Request Form

MVCC is pleased to provide the public with any public records not exempted from disclosure by law. You are not legally required to complete a written request for a public record, but filling out a written request enhances our ability to identify, locate and deliver the requested public record(s). If the request is unclear or too broad, we may be unable to fulfill your request. Please provide the below information.
Please use MM/DD/YY date format:
For Paper Copies only: If the request exceeds 20 pages, the fee will be $0.05 for each additional page.
Please provide a clear description of the particular record(s) you wish to receive. Be sure to include the timeframe during which the record was created (e.g., 2014 - 2015). If the request is unclear or too broad, we may be unable to fulfill your request.
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