March 25, 2022

MVCC Podcast #7 : Kate Botsdorff

The MVCC Podcast with Centerville Communications Director Kate Bostdorff
Want to hear what’s happening at your access television station? Tune in to The MVCC Podcast, for news, previews, and interviews with content creators here in the Miami Valley.

In the April episode, host Richard Diaz is joined by Centerville Communications Director Kate Bostdorff to talk about how the City of Centerville – and its many community partners – are leaders in local media.
Along the way, learn about the value of gavel-to-gavel council meetings, the work involved in live parades, and volunteers making a big impact on how Centerville and MVCC share local stories for viewers.

All that, plus information on the MVCC Open House, on episode #7, exclusively on MVCC Channel 991.

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