July 17, 2023

Let’s Talk Miamisburg Concludes 24-year Run on MVCC Channel 5

Let’s Talk Miamisburg Concludes 24-year Run on MVCC Channel 5
Producer Gary Giles says farewell in July to this historic monthly program.

In 1999, the City of Miamisburg and Public Information Officer Gary Giles wanted to create a new television show that would inform residents of current news and developments; that year, the monthly live call-in Let’s Talk Miamisburg made its debut on the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC) access television channel. 24 years (and nearly 250 episodes) later, the series recorded one final program on June 11, 2023.

“It has been a pleasure to bring you valuable information about this community and let viewers hear directly from newsmakers in Miamisburg and elsewhere in the region. But retirement is calling, and I am listening,” stated Giles during the last taping.

The series evolved throughout its time on the air. Yet while the cameras, a move to high-definition recording, and a shift to virtual set technology all changed, the people instrumental to making the programs were consistent in their dedication to the show’s success.

“I especially want to thank the staff here at the Miami Valley Communications Council for making us all look good,” said Giles. “Joe MacKenzie has been our director for most of that time, so Joe, thank you very much.”

Along with the MVCC staff, volunteer Gene Dakin has helped through most of the productions. At the time of the last episode, Let’s Talk Miamisburg was the longest-running series on MVCC’s government channels.

“I want to thank you and everyone who has watched through the years, and I want to thank everyone who has appeared on our program,” said Giles.

Watch the July 2023 Let’s Talk Miamisburg here:

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