Gateway Fiber Network

The cities of Kettering, Centerville, Miamisburg, Moraine, Springboro, Oakwood and Moraine recently completed construction of a 44 mile underground fiber ring connecting those seven communities. The nearly $3.0 million project allows the cities to partner more efficiently on joint projects, and to combine resources to gain economies of scale on shared technology services such as internet. In addition, the available infrastructure affords the participating communities the opportunity to partner more effectively on smart city technology that can enhance public safety and security initiatives. The completion of the ring affords residents and businesses enhanced access to the information highway by providing the necessary infrastructure backbone needed by private carriers and service providers thereby increasing market competition and opportunities to potential users.

The fiber network is one of the first multi-jurisdictional fiber networks in the country and the unique public –private partnership that made the ring possible was recognized as a global ‘Smart 50 Award’ winner by the Smart Cities Connect Foundation.

The Miami Valley Communications Council member cities partnered with the Miami Valley Education Computer Association and the Independents Fiber Network in completion of the ring. The Miami Valley Computer Association is one of 18 Information Technology Centers licensed by the Ohio Department of Education and by its participation, users of the ring have access to the Ohio Academic Resources Network. The Independents Fiber Network is an Ohio-based internet service provider that brings high performance and high-capacity fiber solutions to your doorstep.

MVCC is proud to coordinate this regional technology enhancement project and we continue to look for public and private sector partners to further expand the footprint of the ring as well as its capabilities as a development tool. MVCC and City of Trotwood officials are currently working on an initiative to expand the ring north to the City of Trotwood, and Miami Township recently completed a 4 mile extension which connects their government buildings to the ring.

CLICK HERE for A Full sized .PDF version of the MVCC GATEway Fiber Network Map

fiber map image
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