July 19, 2022

Does That Song Sound Familiar?

MVCC’s Licensed Music Library Features Tracks Heard on Netflix, Showtime, Amazon Prime, HBO and more

Have you watched a program on the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC) channels and heard a familiar tune? That’s not a coincidence; MVCC’s licensed music library features some of the hottest tunes available for use. Shows on Disney, HBO, FX, Universal, Showtime, and Netflix (such as Stranger Things) have all utilized the De Wolfe Music Library for songs and sound effects.

Did you know that MVCC’s local producers can use that same catalog for their shows?

MVCC’s license with De Wolfe Music allows for non-commercial content creators to make programs with the newest songs and effects in the business. And there’s a lot on offer – over 80,000 tracks! Songs often have a feature version and then a 60 or 30 second version and a 7-second sting for a variety of uses. Go to www.dewolfemusic.com to have a listen. What does that mean for MVCC producers? No worries trying to find music that sounds great and is copyright permissible.

Producers have several methods to use the De Wolfe catalog. The edit computers have online access to the De Wolfe site, where you can seach by genre, instrumentation, mood and use. You can also search at home and send the track ID numbers to staff for download.

So the next time you edit an access television video, stay copyright safe and select from the vast music library at MVCC!

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