July 10, 2023

Centerville Americana Behind the Scenes – It Take a Team!

Seven volunteers and a lot of help make the Americana Parade a success.

The 51st Annual Centerville-Washington Township Americana Parade is in the books and on the channel. Whew! Great weather and great volunteers made this live event an unequivocal success. We hope you enjoyed the broadcast – and if you missed it, the City of Centerville’s YouTube channel has the entire program. How did this video get produced though? Let’s talk about that.

So, what time does the first volunteer team arrive on site for the parade? That would be 6:30am to help park the production truck, unpack everything, and plan camera locations. Hundreds of cable feet later, the wires are ready, and the cameras are in place and checked. Set up takes nearly three hours to complete.

Then the second wave of volunteers springs into action, operating cameras in the heat and glare for two hours during the pre-show and the live event. Volunteers run all the cameras, take photos, and even direct the parade. It’s no surprise that the parade looks awesome on the air; the Americana program is fortunate to have four MVCC Hall of Fame volunteers on the crew, and six have over twenty years of experience.

From there, its equipment disassembly and packing while the sun beams in the sky. When the van doors finally close, our volunteers have given a full day to make this holiday event something special for viewers at home.

MVCC would like to sincerely thank Gene Dakin, Suzi Fischer, Ed Huff, Tom Karslake, Rich LaRue, Bill Stibich, and Bob Wickline for all their time and talents!

Volunteers are always welcome to participate in public television. Interested? Email ten.ccvm@reetnulov or call MVCC Government Producer Richard Diaz at (937) 424-1666.

See us in action on the MVCC YouTube page! MVCC in the 2023 Americana Parade – YouTube

Watch the entire parade here: The Americana Parade 2023 – YouTube



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