May 21, 2024

A Salute to Robert Thobaben

The world lost a true renaissance man on the night of May 16, 2024. Robert Thobaben, a decorated military hero, prolific author, esteemed professor, and dedicated volunteer, passed away. Thobaben’s literary contributions include several acclaimed books on veterans, such as Common
Warfare: Parallel Memoirs by Two World War II GI’s in the Pacific
and For Comrade and Country: Oral Histories of World War II Veterans. His service to his country began with his enlistment in the army from 1943 to 1945.

Thobaben was also instrumental in shaping academic minds as a founding faculty member at Wright State University since its inception in 1967. His pioneering spirit in academia earned him the title of Academic Pioneer from the university, a testament to his lasting impact on education.

Beyond his academic and literary achievements, Thobaben was a familiar face on public access television. He, along with his wife Janet, produced and hosted the series “A Mnemonic Interview,” where he conducted forty poignant interviews with local World War II veterans. His dedication to preserving the stories of his fellow servicemen was further highlighted when he was the keynote speaker at Centerville’s Memorial Day event in 2018.

Thobaben’s legacy extends to various media, where he shared vivid accounts of his life experiences. Notably, in the 2022 episode of the “A Sense of History” podcast, he captivated listeners with tales from his youth, including the remarkable story of winning a role in Hamlet over none other than a young Paul Newman.

Robert Thobaben’s life was a tapestry of service, education, and storytelling. His contributions will continue to resonate through his books, his teachings, and the stories he so passionately preserved.

A Sense of Centerville & Washington Township: Robert Thobaben, PhD

Sense of History: Robert Thobaben – War Stories

A Mnemonic Interval: Robert Thobaben (2007):

A Mnemonic Interval: Robert Thobaben (2002):

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