Miami Valley Communications Council is a municipal communications and technology organization representing the eight member cities of Centerville, Germantown, Kettering, Miamisburg, Moraine, Oakwood, Springboro and West Carrollton. The council also has affiliate agreements with other Miami Valley cities. MVCC was formed in 1975 as a council of governments to monitor, regulate, and administer common cable television franchise agreements, manage the operation of the council's cable access television channels, and develop and implement intergovernmental projects designed to strengthen communications between member cities and their citizens. A policy-making body consisting of delegates representing member cities governs the council.

MVCC is funded through franchise fees paid by the cable service provider. Franchise fees are rent that the cable company pays for placing its wires over or under the public rights-of-way (streets.) MVCC uses these franchise fees to support its community access television activities, cooperative intergovernmental projects, and to explore new and changing technologies that will benefit member communities. The council, in turn, provides many services to our communities at little or no cost.