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The MVCC facility is a fully equipped and professional television station for the community. The facility is divided into 6 basic areas:

Teleconference Room
MVCC?s 2nd floor Teleconference Room has many tools available to the lecturer or presenter. An LCD data/video projector with sound system is capable of routing many different media sources. Sources include a DVD Player, an SVHS/VHS VCR, a VGA Computer with DSL connection, and C and Ku satellite downlinks. The teleconference room accommodates 50 people and includes a podium, an erasable marker board, an overhead projector, and a 35mm projector for the presenter?s use. This room is not available for public use.

Studio A / Control Room A

MVCC's Studio is a 45' by 42' acoustically treated production area equipped with 3 Sony DXC-327 3-chip studio cameras, Q-TV teleprompters, Access computer lighting system and numerous UNI-Set System elements, stage props and scenic flats. A scan converter and a time base corrector are available for Power Point presentations via your laptop/computer and 4th camera can be used on a boom or hand held for special projects. Direct loading access is available for van sized set pieces. The control room offers a 24 channel sound board, 2 Inscriber VMP Graphics Computers with Adobe Premier and AVID Express DV Non-Linear Editing Software, a Grass Valley 110 switcher, and an A/B Roll time code editing system for S-VHS, Betacam SP, DVC Pro and Mini DV tape formats.

Control Room / Edit B

Offers off-line editing on DVD, DVC Pro and Mini DV editing equipped with a Inscriber VMP Graphics Computer with Adobe Premier and AVID Express DV Non-Linear Editing Software, Grass Valley 100 switcher, and a 12 channel sound board.

Edit Suites C & D
Edit suite C and D are easy to use DVD, DVC Pro and Mini DV editing systems featuring Inscriber VMP Graphics Computers with Adobe Premiere and AVID Xpress DV Non-Linear Editing Software and CD players.

Portable Equipment

Field gear available to volunteers includes Canon GL-2 mini DV Camcorders, Panasonic 215 and 410 DVC Pro Camcorders, Lowell lighting kits, Vinten and Bogen tripods, portable color CRT and LCD monitors, Countryman and lavalieres, Sennheiser shotguns and Shure hand-held microphones, an intercom system, 2 small multi-camera portable video switchers, a heavy duty parade kit, battery support items, and cables to meet any need. 

Master Control

MVCC can play back programs on DVD-R and also utilizes a hard-drive playback system. The Dynatech AVS-2 routing system ensures 24-hour program scheduling. Channel message boards can display public service announcements on stock backgrounds or display your own photographs.
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