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One of the region?s longest running public access programs has just met an amazing milestone. On January 17, 2012, the Centerville-Washington Township Historical Society series A Mnemonic Interval recorded the first episode of its 20th season on air.

A Mnemonic Interval has been preserving the history, stories, places and personalities of the City of Centerville and Washington Township communities since 1992. A large and dedicated crew volunteers each month to create new episodes. Peg Brooker, Barbara Moraites, John Moraites, Adrian Rose, Bob Thobaben and Bob Knierim design the set, record on-location footage, and produce the program in the MVCC studio. February?s episode was number 233, and featured Frank Treadway and Stephanie Wilson, who operate Treadway Gardens. It can be viewed here: http://mvcc.pegcentral.com/player.php?video=8ef0dbb961c026f88ef75ac279243092

Janet Thobaben, past president of the Centerville-Washington Township Historical Society and Trustee Emeritus of the Historical Society, has been the host throughout its 20-year run. Florence Krahling has also served as host on the series. A Mnemonic Interval has received several Philo T. Farnsworth awards for Community Programming and Senior Programming excellence throughout the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky region.

A Mnemonic Interval is an excellent example of positive, local programming that benefits the community. The entire series is cataloged at the Aaron Nutt Cottage where DVDs are available for viewing. Episodes are also on-demand at the MVCC web site and aired on EATV 21, Mondays at 4pm and CATV991, Fridays at 7pm.

A Volunteer crew produces a Mnemonic Intervial in the MVCC studios each month.

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