Understanding a Multi-Generational Workforce 10/06

The Miami Valley Communications Council
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Understanding a Multi-Generational Workforce

October 6- Multi-generations in the workplace 930 am to 1130 am
Understanding a Multi-Generational Workforce
Presenter: Cindy Schisler, Wright State University

Workplace demographics now span four generations. The 22-year-old new hire can find themselves working alongside colleagues who may be older than them by 40+ years. How do you relate to employees or co-workers of different age groups? How to you engage someone older, or younger, than you? How do you tap into the knowledge and talents of each generation?

The objectives for this course are:
• Discuss the difference between the four generations and how and why those differences impact work
• Spend time “Understanding the Millennials” and discuss “Are we really all that different?”
• Learn how to reap the benefits of an age-inclusive work environment
• Examine how workplace culture impacts productivity and engagement
• Understand that business today was created by individuals that are no longer working and discuss “why change is good”

This will be virtual training via a video.

Who Should Attend: Anyone
When: October 6, 2020

Training: 9:30am-11:30am

Cost: Members/Partner $20.00 Affiliates $30.00 Non-members $50.00

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Where: VIRTUAL TRAINING, Link will be emailed in advance of Training Date
Registration: Registration limited, so register now! You must register to attend. Register at www.mvcc.training If you must cancel, please notify MVCC five business days prior to the day of training, otherwise, your city will be charged the training fee.
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